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White Gold Ring

Weight: 4.19Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-WGR-600-001

Gold Ring DD-GR-500-005

Weight: 4.39Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-GR-500-005

Gold Ring DD-GR-500-004

Weight: 3.95Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-GR-500-004

Gold Ring DD-GR-500-003

Weight: 4.10Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-GR-500-003

Gold Ring DD-GR-500-002

Weight: 4.36Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-GR-500-002

Gold Ring DD-GR-500-001

Weight: 4.18Grams Carat: 18C Code: DD-GR-500-001

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-018

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-018

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-017

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-017

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-016

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-016

Budget Friendly

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-015

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-015

Budget Friendly

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-014

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-014

Budget Friendly

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-013

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-013

Budget Friendly

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-012

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-012

Budget Friendly

Diamond Ring DD-R-200-011

Carat: 22C Code: DD-R-200-011


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